[Haskell-cafe] ANN: Chart v0.14

Tim Docker twd2 at dockerz.net
Wed Oct 27 22:45:36 EDT 2010

I'm pleased to announce v0.14 of the haskell chart library. This is a
library for drawing 2D data plots. It's features include

    + Use of the cairo graphics engine, supporting a variety of
      output types: ps, pdf, png, and gtk windows.

    + A variety of plot types, including: points, lines, error bars,
      candlesticks, bar charts and pie charts.

    + Strong typing. Charts are parameterized by the types of their
      coordinates. One benefit of this is that labels etc are
      automatically generated appropriately for the type of the
      data. Currently axis types include: Double, Int, Log, LocalTime,
      and Indexed.

    + (some) support for interactivity. Charts support dynamic
      resizing, and mapping from device coordinates back to source

The library is available on hackage. Additional information including
details of the mailing list can be found here:


Thanks to Malcolm Wallace, Eugene Kirpichov, and Matt Brown for their
contributions to this release.

Tim Docker


New features in v0.14

* Plot Type: AreaSpots4D
Spots with varying area and colour

* Plot Type: CandleStick charts
A specific type of plot often used in financial markets for stock
price series.

* Multiline text in Annotation Plots
with flexible control over the anchoring.

* Picking.
The library now contains logic required to map device coordinates back
to input elements. This facilitates interactivity. See tests/TestPicking.hs.

* Multiple Layers of axis labels
This is currently used by the LocalTime axis to show an additional set
of context labels - these show the next sensible granularity of time
enclosing the more detailed labels and ticks.

* Avoid overlapping axis labels
The axis rendering code now skips labels where there would be
overlaps. This is done dynamically as the chart is rendered.

* Code refactor
Plots and axes have been split into separate file hierarchies, with one file
per type. This makes it easier to understand, and (hopefully) makes it
clearer how to add new plot types.

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