[Haskell-cafe] Re: [Haskell] Specification and prover for Haskell

Dominique Devriese dominique.devriese at cs.kuleuven.be
Mon Oct 25 08:10:57 EDT 2010


2010/10/25 Romain Demeyer <rde at info.fundp.ac.be>:
> I'm working on static verification in Haskell, and I search for existing
> works on specification of Haskell programs (such as pre/post conditions, for
> example) or any other functional language. It would be great if there exists
> a prover based on this kind of specifications. I already found the
> ESC/Haskell. Do you know some other works which could be interesting?

I found the paper "Verifying Haskell using constructive type theory"
[1] interesting...


[1] http://www.mimuw.edu.pl/~ben/Papers/monadic.pdf

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