[Haskell-cafe] HSCurses - Hello World? (can't find much documentation)

Anonymous Void byteasphyxia at gmail.com
Fri Oct 22 16:18:30 EDT 2010

Hi everyone,
Haven't posted here since I was a kid, when this language first warped my
poor imperative brain.
My main work environment is a three-split terminal session using `Yakuake'
as a dropdown-terminal (one for vim, one for interactive interpreter, one
for MySQL).

I don't mind using the MySQL cli *that* much,
but I find typing my queries all the time much takes up precious time when
I'm developing things, and it annoys me.

Since there is currently no TUI for mysql administration (besides
links/phpadmin? o.0).
I decided to make one, choosing Haskell because, well, it's awesome.

I've made curses apps before, but never in Haskell (only wx, cgi, cli, etc).
Couldn't find anything besides an api reference;
Which was impossible to find before typing haddock specifically, even after
an exhausting search on google, krugle, archives, etc...
It's livable (I've learned more complex things with less).
But since I've never seen how the HSCurses functions really integrate
together, or any tutorials/examples (besides hsFishEx),
I fear toying with it is going to be annoying until I figure it out on my
own, especially since I'm already doing a project for someone...

So, I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to point me to (or write
me) a basic example of how HSCurses works,
maybe w/ some very simple example of interactivity (e.g. getch processing,
screen refresh, ..)  support.
Also, maybe warn me of some of the common pitfalls and differences in
hscurses vs ncurses in other languages.

Having found the haddock, and having done curses apps in other languages,
that should be enough for me to get a handle on it.
I'm just dreading the "read the haddock, assume it works this way, find out
you do it this way, repeat" loop of learning w/o a starting point.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and will save me some (anticipated)

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