[Haskell-cafe] Haskellers.com skills list moderation?

Michael Snoyman michael at snoyman.com
Tue Oct 19 09:32:39 EDT 2010

Alright, adding skills is now only possible by an admin. In the place
where we previously had "add a skill", we now have "request a new
skill." That's the easy part. Now we need to determine which skills
stay, and which ones go. I think the vast majority of them are fine,
so I'll leave them at the end of this email. If anyone thinks I'm
being to generous by allowing a specific still to say, just say so.

There's only two skills which I think absolutely must go:

Other languages I know: C# .NET, XSLT, Microsoft SQL Server, XML, SQL,
CSS, C, C++, Java, HTML, Visual Basic Script, Pascal, Rexx, Basic and
tool building

There are 11 skills I'm leaning towards dropping, all because they
fall in the too vague/too general category. Your input is requested on
these. They are:

Attribute Grammar
Cabal, packaging, build and distribution tools
Categorical Programming
Denotational design
Digital Forensics
Fault Tolerant Server Software
Programming using Arrows
Proving observational equivalence between Haskell programs
Transactional business applications development
UNIX Scripting and Tool Authoring

Of the remaining 32 skills, some of them fall in the "too specific"
range just a bit (software transactional memory, property based
testing), but I'm inclined to let it slide. These 32 are:

Advanced type-level programming (GADTs, TypeFamilies, proofs, etc.)
Algorithmic Problem Solving
Concurrent Haskell
DSL Design
Darcs internals
Foreign Function Interface (FFI)
Formal Verification
Functional graphics programming (2D, 3D, GPU)
GHC internals
Generic Programming
Graphical User Interfaces
Happstack Web Framework
Hardware Acceleration DSLs
Haskell on embedded devices
High Assurance Software Development
High-performance Haskell
Metaprogamming via Template Haskell
Natural Language Processing (tagging, parsing, translation,...)
Physics & Simulation
Programming language translation
Property based testing (QuickCheck)
Purely functional data structures — design and implementation
Reverse Engineering
Robotics and Automation
Signal Processing
Software Transactional Memory
Teaching Haskell
Web development (HTML, CSS and Javascript)
Yesod Web Framework


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