[Haskell-cafe] ANNOUNCE: Haskell XML Toolbox Version 9.0.0

Gregory Crosswhite gcross at phys.washington.edu
Thu Oct 7 13:27:44 EDT 2010

  Could you explain to me why HXT uses arrows?  I have never been able 
to figure out what advantage this gives your library over monads.  Since 
your arrows in practice implement ArrowApply, they are really just 
monads anyway, so it seems to me that using arrows instead of monads 
only serves to add complexity to the library without adding any 
benefit.  Furthermore, by using arrows instead of monads people cannot 
use the many standard monad libraries out there, but have to instead 
write their own generalizations of them to arrows.

Is there some benefit that your library gets out of using arrows that I 
missed which makes these costs worth it?


On 10/7/10 5:28 AM, Uwe Schmidt wrote:
> Haskell XML Toolbox 9.0.0
> I would like to announce a new version of the Haskell XML Toolbox.
> HXT has grown over the years. Components for XPath, XSLT, validation with
> RelaxNG, picklers for conversion from/to native Haskell data, lazy parsing
> with tagsoup, input via curl and native Haskell HTTP and others have been
> added. This has led to a rather large package with a lot of dependencies.
> To make the toolbox more modular and to reduce the dependencies on other
> packages, hxt has been split into various smaller packages since this version.
> Information about this release, about the new packages, changes and
> incompatibilities to older versions can be found at HXT home:
> "http://www.fh-wedel.de/~si/HXmlToolbox/index.html"
> and on the Haskell wiki page about HXT
> "http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/HXT"
> The source repo has been moved to GitHub:
> "http://github.com/UweSchmidt/hxt"
> Downloads and installation is available from hackage.
> Please email comments, bugs, etc. to hxmltoolbox at fh-wedel.de or si at fh-wedel.de
>    Uwe
> --
> University of Applied Sciences, Wedel, Germany
> http://www.fh-wedel.de/~si/index.html
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