[Haskell-cafe] Packaging a Gtk2hs based program for Windows

Dmitry V'yal akamaus at gmail.com
Thu Oct 7 04:39:51 EDT 2010

Hello, haskellers.

Recently I stumbled upon a problem. It may sound quite off-topic for 
this list, but, I'm sure, almost every haskell programmer runs into it 
sooner or later.

It sounds: How to make a neat Windows installer for a nice Gtk2hs 
program I wrote last week? How to solve the problem of dependency on 
GTK? Should I ask my users to install a GTK package or it would be 
better to package all the dynamic libraries needed along with my 
program? Are there any troubles with different character encodings used 
in Windows? How to change the application icon? And so on..

I understand, there is no ultimate answer, but I hope there is some 
wisdom to share. I've been a Linux user for more then five years and now 
I've found myself completely illiterate on how to make my code easily 
accessible for a nontechnical Windows user.

I would appreciate any thoughts and advises

Best wishes,

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