[Haskell-cafe] pointers for EDSL design

Henning Thielemann schlepptop at henning-thielemann.de
Wed Oct 6 13:53:01 EDT 2010

John Lato schrieb:
> Thanks for these, and also Stephen's extensive list.  I think it's fair
> to say that I'm just exploring the space and don't know what I'm doing
> yet.  As such, I'm pretty open to exploring ideas.  I'm only familiar
> with a small fraction of these, so I've got some reading to do now! 
> For my toy language I've been working on a csound-like DSP language
> which is compiled to Csound code (I am slightly familiar with Atom, and
> moreso with Feldspar, but they're both quite different in usage style
> from what I'm aiming at).  Essentially the Csound module from Haskore,
> but less verbose and typed.  I've implemented it in a final-tagless
> style (at least as far as I understand Kiselyov, Carette, and Shan),
> which has the very nice benefit that even though I'm currently
> targetting csound I could target other languages relatively simply.

Have I already advertised my realtime LLVM sound signal processing package?


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