[Haskell-cafe] pointers for EDSL design

John Lato jwlato at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 05:29:50 EDT 2010


I'm working on a prototype edsl (my first one), and I was wondering if there
are any resources that discuss pros and cons of various implementation
issues?  I'm trying to decide what should be included in the edsl vs.
re-using the meta language implementations (e.g. let-binding, lambdas).
 Most of the examples I've found are for full DSL's, not EDSL's, so it's not
clear what the best approach is.  The LLVM interface is sort of close to
what I intend, except it creates a very imperative style whereas I'm aiming
for something more functional.

A little background: I decided on a dsl because I intend to make heavy use
of Haskell functions from Data.List and Control.Monad.  If I made a full DSL
I would need to re-implement much of that functionality, so I thought it
would be more sensible to use an edsl.

Any advice or references would be very much appreciated.

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