[Haskell-cafe] Re: I still cannot seem to get a GUI working under Windows.

Peter Verswyvelen bugfact at gmail.com
Sat Oct 2 09:30:02 EDT 2010

Regarding GUIs, I really miss a pure functional framework for doing so.

Currently I'm using Microsoft's WPF, and that is more or less declarative, a
bit like BOOPSI or MUI on the good old Amiga days. But WPF has so many
little quirks, not to mentioned a weakly typed XML-like language called
"XAML".  Still it offers the best experiences I had so far, because it is
very composable.

What I would love is to build GUIs the Fruit/Yampa or maybe Reactive/Elerea
way, using a graphical editor if possible. And allow separation of data
(model and view-model) and looks (styling, CSS, themes...)

Oh and it should preferably make use of the GPU as much as possible, where
it makes sense at least.

Anyway knows about such a framework in Haskell? It's a gigantic undertaking,
but maybe if someone can make the basic framework, others in the community
will develop controls for it?

Peter Verswyvelen

On Sat, Oct 2, 2010 at 1:20 PM, Vo Minh Thu <noteed at gmail.com> wrote:

> 2010/10/2 Luke Palmer <lrpalmer at gmail.com>:
> > On Sat, Oct 2, 2010 at 4:32 AM, Bulat Ziganshin
> > <bulat.ziganshin at gmail.com> wrote:
> >> Hello Heinrich,
> >>
> >> Saturday, October 2, 2010, 1:36:48 PM, you wrote:
> >>
> >>> Would you put a flattr button [1] on the wxHaskell page? This way,
> >>> people like me would be able to show their appreciation by donating a
> >>
> >> this page doesn't describe how to pay and how to got the money
> >> received. if Jeremy lives in "right" country, i suggest to use PayPal
> >> donations system. it allows to pay by credit card and then receive money
> >> to author's credit card
> >
> > Because of the way flattr distributes my money (i.e. donating has 0
> > marginal cost to me), I am much more likely to donate using flattr
> > than paypal.
> Is it right that by using flattr, you end up donating the same amount
> of money to every flattred person in a month? So you can donate more
> the previous month to some project you value less than another project
> the next month. This seems weird to me.
> Cheers,
> Thu
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