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Tue Nov 30 21:47:11 CET 2010

shuffling, I'd much rather have it be one-time (blaze-builder ->
bytestring) than having multiple merges/ports going on. Especially
since building bytestrings is a much more generic operation than
binary serialisation.

Regarding the interface, I think that as long as the same *basic*
operations are available, it's fine to have extra operations as well.
Several of blaze-builder's special-case functions (toByteStringIO ,
fromWriteList) allow more efficient operation than the generic

>> I agree with John that it would make more sense to go in
>> bytestring. Assuming that happens, would the builder from text end up
>> being based on it?
> ByteString and Text don't share an underlying data structure at the
> moment (one uses pinned ForeignPtrs and one unpinned ByteArray#s) so
> they can use the same builder efficiently. Some day perhaps.

Can any of the blaze-builder optimizations be translated to the Text
builder? When I benchmark it against binary and cereal, blaze-builder
is approximately 2-3 times faster for most use cases.

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