[Haskell-cafe] Safer common subexpression elimination

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On Thu, Nov 25, 2010 at 11:32 AM, Joachim Breitner <mail at joachim-breitner.de
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> Hi,
> although semantically it could, ghc does not do common subexpression
> elimination (CSE), at least not in every case. The canonical example
> where it would be bad is the function (with div to avoid numerical
> casting):
> > avg :: [Int] -> Int
> > avg n = (sum [0..n] `div` length [0..n])
> The reason why [0..n] is not shared is because then it would be kept in
> memory completely after the evaluation of sum, because length will still
> need it, possibly overflowing the memory. In the non-shared form,
> though, the garbage collector can clean up directly behind sum and
> length, and the program runs in constant space.
> Note that the shared expression would be very large compared to the
> thunks.
> Now consider the program:
> > avg' :: [Int] -> (Int, Int)
> > avg' n = (sum [0..n] `div` length [0..n], length [0..n])
> I’d say that CSE to
> > avg n = (sum [0..n] `div` l, l)
> >   where l = length [0..n]
> is safe, because the shared expression (an Int) is smaller than the
> thunks and the compiler can tell.
> So I wonder:
>  * Is sharing values of type Int (and Bool and similar small values)
> always safe?
>  * If so: does GHC already do that?
>  * Would it be technically possible?
>  * Is there an established theory that can tell, for a sharing
> candidate, whether it is safe to share it?
> I'm just going to answer your last question.

Jörgen Gustavsson and David Sands developed the theory of space improvement
for call-by-need. That can help you answer the other questions you have. But
that being said, it's fairly complicated stuff, and it's not a very easy to
use theory. I think it's inherent in the problem though, the
space behavior of lazy programs is just weird. If you're curious to read
about space improvement see papers [GS01] and [GS99] on the following page:


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