[Haskell-cafe] DPH and GHC 7.0.1

David Peixotto dmp at rice.edu
Fri Nov 19 18:39:30 EST 2010

There were some problems getting DPH to work well with the changes in GHC 7. There is more info in this mail:


The short summary is that there will be a patch level release of GHC (7.0.2) that works well with DPH and the DPH packages will then be available for installation from Hackage. 

If you want to play with DPH now you can do so on GHC HEAD.


On Nov 19, 2010, at 5:26 PM, Jake McArthur wrote:

> On 11/19/2010 05:24 PM, Gregory Propf wrote:
>> I was hoping to play around with Data.Parallel.Haskell (dph) but noticed
>> that it seems to have been exiled from ghc 7.0.1 which I just installed.
>> It also doesn't seem to be in cabal. Anybody know how to use dph with
>> 7.0.1 or has it been abandoned or something?
> It's not abandoned. The library components have been separated from GHC. I'm sure the intent is to put it on Hackage.
> - Jake
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