[Haskell-cafe] Catching up on Time and Directory

Yitzchak Gale gale at sefer.org
Tue Nov 16 08:23:19 EST 2010

Michael Snoyman wrote:
> * Move System.Locale into the time package, bumping version number to 1.3.
> * Bump old-locale to 1.1 and have it simply re-export System.Locale
> from time. (Maybe we don't actually need to make that bump, 1.0.1 may
> be sufficient.)
> * Bump old-time to 2.0 (make it clear this is a *very* different
> version) and have it re-export modules from time. (This is the part of
> the proposal people should *really* beat up on.)

I disagree with all of these items, and only support the last item:

> * Find every single package depending on old-time and get it to use
> time instead.

Most importantly, base.

These "old-" packages have been deprecated for long enough.
Dump them.


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