[Haskell-cafe] Type Directed Name Resolution

Richard O'Keefe ok at cs.otago.ac.nz
Thu Nov 11 17:55:35 EST 2010

On 12/11/2010, at 2:53 AM, Stephen Tetley wrote:
> This is fairly onerous for people who are programming to an outside
> schema (i.e. a relational database) as it leads to boiler plate along
> two axes - data type definitions plus class definitions for accessors.

Boiler plate is GOOD news, because the generation of
boiler plate can be automated.
> Incidentally there is now a member of the ML family with a
> sophisticated record system - MLPolyR:
> http://ttic.uchicago.edu/~wchae/wiki/pmwiki.php

There is or was also SML# (not related to .Net).

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