[Haskell-cafe] Rename When Import (was: Type Directed Name Resolution)

Albert Y. C. Lai trebla at vex.net
Wed Nov 10 14:51:11 EST 2010

A better solution to import-induced name clashes is Rename When Import. 
You can already rename the module when importing. Let's rename the 
imported names too.

Assume I want to import this module:

module SinisterlyNamedModule where
   data Parsec = State { stdin :: () }
               | Cont { runST :: (), fromList :: [()] }

   as State{} a b = a
   as Cont{} a b = b

   State _ <*> y = State ()
   x <*> State _ = Cont () []
   _ <*> _ = Cont () [()]

   on Cont{} y = y
   on x y at State{} = x

   infixr 5 <*>
   infixl 3 on
   infix 1 Cont

This sinister module clashes with everything we hold dear to our hearts, 
left right and centre. (Yet somehow manages to avoid clashing with 
Prelude!) I now import it with renaming, left right and centre.

The syntax

import SinisterlyNamedModule(
   Parsec at GoodType(State at CaseOne(stdin at gfa),
                   Cont at CaseTwo(runST at gfb, fromList at gfc)
   as at goodcase,
) as GoodModule

renames SinisterlyNamedModule to GoodModule, Parsec to GoodType, State 
to CaseOne, stdin to gfa, Cont to CaseTwo, runST to gfb, fromList to 
gfc, as to goodcase, <*> to foo, on to ###.

I use "@" instead of "as" because "as" is not a reserved word and could 
be an identifier, and "@" is a reserved word already.

I am not sure what to do with type class names and type class method 
names. Perhaps allow them to be renamed too. Perhaps don't allow them to 
be renamed.

Rather than using Type Directed Name Resolution to perpetuate dictating 
authoritarian names to users, let's use Rename When Import so users take 
back control. One name doesn't fit all. Let users choose different names 
to fit different uses and contexts.

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