[Haskell-cafe] Error installing hp2any-graph on Snow Leopard

Mark Spezzano mark.spezzano at chariot.net.au
Mon Nov 8 04:14:07 EST 2010


I get the following error when doing a 'cabal install hp2any-graph' (the profiling tool)

Does anyone know why? (I'm running Snow Leopard and I've tried using other flags suggested...but with no success). GLUT is already installed via MacPorts and via cabal.

Resolving dependencies...
Configuring hp2any-graph-0.5.2...
cabal: Missing dependency on a foreign library:
* Missing C library: glut
This problem can usually be solved by installing the system package that
provides this library (you may need the "-dev" version). If the library is
already installed but in a non-standard location then you can use the flags
--extra-include-dirs= and --extra-lib-dirs= to specify where it is.
cabal: Error: some packages failed to install:
hp2any-graph-0.5.2 failed during the configure step. The exception was:
ExitFailure 1

Thanks in advance,


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