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Alistair Ward haskellcafe at alistair-ward.eu
Sat Nov 6 11:10:44 EDT 2010

I've just written a few packages which I think may be useful, and have
made them available as free opensource on a personal website
I opted to host them there rather than  uploading them to Hackage,
because they're part of a wider project.
The main offerings are; a regex-engine which is polymorphic in terms of
the type of the input-data, a traditional character-based regex-engine
derived from it, and an application to determine the most efficient
order in which to pack files into a given storage-space.

I understand this isn't the ideal venue in which announce new packages,
but having looked briefly at the "haskell at haskell.org" mail-group and
the cerebral offerings there, I'm rather concerned that my meagre
offerings may resemble germs in a Dettol factory. Is there a more
appropriate forum ?

If anyone has the time, I'd also greatly appreciate any feedback on this

Alistair Ward

P.S. This is my first posting.
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