[Haskell-cafe] What is simplest extension language to implement?

Brandon Moore brandon_m_moore at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 2 12:29:59 EDT 2010

> Henning Thielemann, Tue, November 2, 2010 6:11:02 AM
> Yves Parès schrieb:
> > Because he would have either to recompile the whole  program or to use
> > things like hint, both implying that GHC must be  installed on the user
> > side (600Mo+ for GHC 6.12.3)
> Hugs is great  for running small Haskell  "scripts".

Does Hugs provide an API for using it as an embedded interpreter?
Hugs might be sufficiently lightweight, but from quickly skimming the
docs it doesn't seem to be well documented.

Incidentally, I'd like to know how to use the GHC API to evaluate
expressions in terms of an existing context (and given that,
if it's possible to preserve a value across reloading a module).
Browsing the API documentation and trying to read the source for
ghci has been unsuccessful - even a pointer to the critical bit 
in ghci would be helpful.



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