[Haskell-cafe] Refactoring of OAuth Library - Need Review

Diego Souza dsouza at bitforest.org
Sun Mar 28 13:59:01 EDT 2010


I've done a complete refactoring of oauth library. This new version is
incompatible (in terms of interface) with the previous one. An example of
use is available here:

Probably the major change is that, along the functions that deal with oauth
authentication, there is now an HttpClient typeclass. The library now is
able to perform http requests and fully deal with the oauth protocol.

I'm planning to upload to hackage soon enough, but before that I'd like to
ask if someone could review it and send feedbacks. That would be much

To get the code:
$ darcs get http://projects.bitforest.org/hoauth/

To run tests:
$ haskell -isrc/main/haskell -isrc/test/haskell src/test/haskell/Tests.hs

Thanks in advance,
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