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 Thank you for response! 
  It is true that I have asked about the installation of Haskell on the beginners list. But the problems appeared one after another. I just felt very sorry to trouble other peopel again and again.Thus ,I begin to wonder if I am too stupid or the installation of Haskell is really troublesome.
  Another thing, I am using the platform you have recomended in the letter. And I want to install it on Ubuntu 8.04 System. The problems I run into as described in the letter I send to Haskell-cafe list ,I think , is difficult. It seemed that there is version conflict among cabal, network, and Http packages  in the Haskell platform 2009.2.0.2 .  I am unable to install the package cabal.  
I do hope I can get some help from you ! Thank you very much!
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> love_pku wrote:
> > I am sorry to trouble you but I have problems to install Haskell.
> You already asked this question on the beginners list.
> A number of people there asked you to provide more information so
> they could better respond to your question. Since you started this
> on the beginners list and you had people there willing to respond
> I suggest you go back to that list and answer their questions.
> Above all, if you are installing Haskell for the first time, I
> would highly recommend that you install precompiled binaries for
> your platform (you still haven't told us what that is).
> The Haskell Platform:
>      http://hackage.haskell.org/platform/
> is highly recommended, especially for beginners to Haskell as it
> contains the compiler and a large number of useful libraries all
> in one package.
> Erik
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