[Haskell-cafe] searching a function by providing examples of input/ouput pairs

Paul Brauner paul.brauner at loria.fr
Thu Mar 18 04:13:40 EDT 2010


I was looking at hoogle documentation when I remembered that there is
some nice, but quite unusable, feature of squeak (smalltalk) which
allows you to search function in the library by giving a list of pairs
of inputs/ouputs.

When I'm saying that it is quite unusable, I mean that squeak has to try
_every_ function, some of which may be very slow to deliver a result, or
require some side effects.

But, piggibacking such a feature on top of hoogle would surely be more

  1. infer types for arguments and outout
  2. look for matching functions using google
  3. test them

Has anyone tried that before? If not I would be glad to.


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