[Haskell-cafe] th-kinds v0.0.0

Yitzchak Gale gale at sefer.org
Wed Mar 17 08:11:52 EDT 2010

Louis Wasserman wrote:
> I just released a package, th-kinds, which attempts to automatically infer
> the kind of a specified type, type constructor, type family, type class, or
> pretty much anything else that has a kind...
> It rolls its own kind inference...


The "right" way to do this would be to use the GHC API.
(Actually - can you read kind information from the GHC API?
I'm not sure.) That would guarantee that your program
and the compiler will agree about kind inference.

So I view this package as similar to the "haskell-src-exts"
package: a lightweight alternative to the GHC API for
a certain task, where you are willing to sacrifice the
100% guarantee of compiler compatibility.

Of course, we hope that the package will in fact be completely
compatible with the both the compiler and the Report.
And like "haskell-src-exts", ongoing testing and debugging of
compatibility could have the additional benefit of improving
both compiler and the Report. :)


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