[Haskell-cafe] compiler management for Haskell a la RVM?

Mark Wotton mwotton at gmail.com
Tue Mar 16 20:59:23 EDT 2010

RVM (at http://rvm.beginrescueend.com) is a rather nice tool for  
managing multiple ruby installations - it gives support for switching  
between ruby environments (similar to gcc_select and friends), and  
also exporting lists of packages so that you can easily bring up a  
given set of gems in any of the interpreters.

Do we have any similar system for ghc/cabal? I quite frequently find  
myself switching between 6.10 and 6.12 for various things, and it's  
always a bit painful to get your environment up to speed. Is there a  
golden road for this stuff, or do the compiler hackers here just munge  
the PATH?


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