[Haskell-cafe] new Quake 3 BSP loader and viewer

Csaba Hruska csaba.hruska at gmail.com
Tue Mar 16 19:42:15 EDT 2010


I did a little experiment in last week with haskell. According this (
http://graphics.cs.brown.edu/games/quake/quake3.html) tutorial, I wrote a
quake 3 bsp map loader and viewer from scratch. (It is independent from
The code is quiet small (~900 lines with comments) and it is based on binary
and vector libraries.
You can find the cabalized code here:

This was my first meet with vector library, so the code is probably not the
most efficient one.
Any improvement suggestions are welcome! :)


PS: read the README file.
      navigation: arrows + mouse
      (holding right shift increase cam speed)
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