[Haskell-cafe] [Haskell.org Google Summer of Code] trac signup issues

Marco Túlio Gontijo e Silva marcot at debian.org
Sat Mar 13 08:34:01 EST 2010

Hi Edward.

Excerpts from Edward Kmett's message of Sex Mar 12 15:52:50 -0300 2010:
> It has come to my attention that there is an issue with creating accounts on
> the summer-of-code trac at the moment.

Yes, I had one of those.  I tried to create an account with the user marcot,
and it asked me for a username and password.  I entered marcot and the password
I've written in the registration page, but it didn't worked.  After that I
tried again to create my user, but it said the user marcot was already taken.
Any chance you can fix this somehow to me?

> In the meantime, if you want to sign up as a student or mentor for this
> year's summer of code, please email me with your name and desired contact
> email address, and I'll make sure your name winds up on the list.

I want to sign up as a student, please.

Thanks in advance.

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