[Haskell-cafe] Can't cabal install darcs because hashed-storage needs 'System'

Daniel McAllansmith dm.maillists at gmail.com
Fri Mar 12 18:05:44 EST 2010


Short story:

$ cabal install --global --constraint="old-time>=" --reinstall -v 

    Could not find module `System':
      Use -v to see a list of the files searched for.

This is using GHC 6.12.1, cabal-install 0.8.0 and Cabal

How do I get darcs installed?

Longer story:

I've been trying to install darcs 2.4 built against a patched version of old-
time, is effectively just that it's patched locally because hasn't been released to hackage yet.

I ran into various problems with global vs. user packages, no version of base 
being valid and a few other bits and pieces.  So I am trying a global install 
and have had to reinstall Cabal (and various other packages), presumably 
because it was built against old-time

Looking at the hashed-storage code it imports System (system, exitWith).  Is 
that old base-3 code?

The debug messages show:

selecting base- (installed) and (installed)


/usr/local/bin/ghc --make /tmp/hashed-storage-0.4.71127/hashed-
storage-0.4.7/Setup.hs -o /tmp/hashed-storage-0.4.71127/hashed-
storage-0.4.7/dist/setup/setup -odir /tmp/hashed-storage-0.4.71127/hashed-
storage-0.4.7/dist/setup -hidir /tmp/hashed-storage-0.4.71127/hashed-
storage-0.4.7/dist/setup -i -i/tmp/hashed-storage-0.4.71127/hashed-
storage-0.4.7 -package Cabal-

so I'm not really sure what version of base it's actually trying to compile 
hashed-storage against.

Any further information I can provide?


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