[Haskell-cafe] Real-time garbage collection for Haskell

Neil Davies semanticphilosopher at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 3 03:50:48 EST 2010

Sorry, no.

We wanted a basic bound on the jitter - the application is not one  
that creates much (if any) long lived heap.

Having just seen Simon's email on the fact that performGC forces a  
major GC - i think that there is some
new mileage here with making the speculative GC's minor ones.

More control needs some more instrumentation of how much mutation is  
occurring and ways of estimating
how much of that is short and long lived - I know that past history is  
not necessarily a good indicator
of future actions - but visibility of the counters that being kept  
would help.


On 3 Mar 2010, at 00:00, Jason Dusek wrote:

> 2010/02/28 Neil Davies <semanticphilosopher at googlemail.com>:
>> I've never observed ones that size. I have an application that runs  
>> in 'rate
>> equivalent real-time' (i.e. there may be some jitter in the exact  
>> time of
>> events but it does not accumulate). It does have some visibility of  
>> likely
>> time of future events and uses that to perform some speculative  
>> garbage
>> collection.
>  Do you have information on how it behaves without speculative
>  GC?
> --
> Jason Dusek

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