[Haskell-cafe] whine and solution about programmers not respecting documentations

Mark Lentczner markl at glyphic.com
Tue Jun 29 01:18:59 EDT 2010

On Jun 28, 2010, at 2:29 PM, Luke Palmer wrote:

> I proposed the following solution:
> http://lukepalmer.wordpress.com/2009/07/01/on-the-by-functions/

Seconded! I always want xxxOn and I almost never (perhaps never*) want xxxBy for xxx in sort, maximum, group and nub.

	- Mark

(*) A quick scan of all the Haskell source I wrote on my machine reveals that I have never once used xxxBy without giving it a function of the form "(==) on foo" or "comparing foo"!

Mark Lentczner
IRC: mtnviewmark

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