[Haskell-cafe] RE: proposal: HaBench, a Haskell Benchmark Suite

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Fri Jun 25 10:50:04 EDT 2010

I'm delighted that you are interested in this benchmarking stuff.  Much needed.  Thank you!

| So I still very much like the approach taken by the venerable nofib
| suite where it includes not only the "real" programs, but also the
| microbenchmarks and the small programs; you don't have to use these in
| published results, but they're invaluable to us compiler developers, and
| having a shared framework for all the benchmarks makes things a lot easier.

Yes yes. It's *essential* to retain the micro-benchmarks. They often show up in high relief a performance regression that would be hidden or much less prominent in a big program.

The three-way split imaginary/spectral/real has served us well.  Let's keep it!


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