[Haskell-cafe] How does one get off haskell?

Günther Schmidt gue.schmidt at web.de
Thu Jun 17 09:55:15 EDT 2010

Hi list,

I'm facing a really tough problem. About 3 years ago I stopped doing 
freelance and quite nicely paid projects in Java, PHP and C#.

Now I'm dire straits, again, and need to get back into the project 
market which seems to have picked up again, quite a lot of projects out 
there and it looks like I could ask again for decent rates. (I 
personally call them compensation because I never ever enjoyed doing 
Java etc. but the money was good.)

Anyway the problem is that I am totally reluctant to code in anything 
else but haskell. It has always been a problem to me getting up early in 
the morning, taking a train to work and coming back in the evening 
totally exhausted. But I think I could manage that again, at least for 3 
or 6 months and then my bank account will be fine again and I can take 
it easy for another year or so.

But this time all this is much harder. I really cannot see myself 
writing such huge amounts of code over and over again not doing much, 
well you know the story.

BTW this is not meant as a fun post, I'm actually quite serious, ie. I 
need money, only way of getting it is doing Java, C# or PHP.

So how does one get off haskell? Are there people in similar situations 
that have managed? How did you do it?


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