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Sat Jun 12 17:10:07 EDT 2010

I understand that this becomes less of an issue when

> you become more experienced with haskell. Still it will always be a good
> way
> to promote haskel-style solutions.

I dunno, John uses noweb to good effect. Things like import statements along
with the function definition are pretty nice and not achievable with
Literate Haskell.

> I don't have any problems with LaTeX, but a less verbose solution would do
> just fine.
You don't really need to know a lot of LaTex to  use noweb. I'm no LaTex
expert and I found the source easy to read.

> My biggest problem is actually literate programming in conjunction with
> leksah. Can anybody comment on this issue? Do you guys use leskah at all?

Unfortunately literate programming doesn't really have the tool support yet.
I use emacs for Haskell development and loading Haskell code in to the REPL
will be an issue if you're editing a noweb file. Currently this is the only
thing keeping me from starting a large (> 2000 LOC) literate project


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