[Haskell-cafe] HP/Cygwin and Curl

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at talk21.com
Tue Jun 8 04:02:12 EDT 2010

> Thanks Stephen--that was related to my original question, about using HP
> with Cygwin. The answer seems to be No!--you must use MSYS (for real 
> work).

The short version:

- Cygwin provides commandline tools, compilers and libraries
- MSYS provides commandline tools for the MinGW compilers and libraries

You can use the commandline tools from either Cygwin or MSYS,
but you need to compile and link with the compilers and libraries
from MinGW.

Cygwin's gcc produces binaries that live in a unix-emulation on top
of windows, and depend on a cygwin dll to act as a translator. MinGW's
gcc produces native windows binaries.



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