[Haskell-cafe] The state of Hackage: what are we doing about it?

Uwe Schmidt si at fh-wedel.de
Thu Jun 3 03:16:14 EDT 2010

On Thursday 03 June 2010 06:27:43 am Don Stewart wrote:

> I've been posting CSV files of the download statistics here:
>    http://www.galois.com/~dons/hackage/hackage-downloads.csv
> The next quarter's aggregated downloads are due soon.
> The Arch Haskell site uses these stats to compute some popularity
> metrics:
>     http://www.galois.com/~dons/arch-haskell-status.html

with that data, it should be rather easy to compute some kind
weights for the packages and to prefer the popular packages during
the search.
In the long run it would be nice to get this statistics more
frequently, e.g. monthly. We see, that within a quarter there are a lot of new


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