[Haskell-cafe] PDF generation?

Yitzchak Gale gale at sefer.org
Tue Jun 1 14:07:32 EDT 2010

Jim Tittsler wrote:
>> What is the easiest way to create PDF files from Haskell?

Pierre-Etienne Meunier wrote:
> Read the PDF manual from adobe, it is not that hard.
> Fonts are a little harder, but not too much.

I have often generated PostScript from Haskell, which is
much easier. PostScript is a nice little concatenative
programming language. The basics are easy to learn,
and you can copy things like the page setup and fonts
from the output of OpenOffice.Org, which is quite

Then you convert the PS to PDF using any of the nice
utilities around for that, like the ones that come with
xpdf, poppler, ghostscript, etc.


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