[Haskell-cafe] new Cabal user question -- installing to Haskell Platform on Windows network drive?

Peter Schmitz ps.haskell at gmail.com
Thu Jul 29 23:32:25 EDT 2010

I have a question about finding the Gtk2Hs demos (the demos written in

To summarize what I have done so far:

I'm a new Cabal user; need to use Cabal in a Windows XP environment, where
it and the Haskell Platform are located on a network drive (H:) instead of
C:. (Need to be able to do development on any of several PCs, using a single
tools dir.)

I want to write Haskell code that uses Gtk2Hs (and Glade).

I have edited Cabal's config and placed it on H:, and so I have set up:

H:\proc\tools\Haskell Platform

My edited Cabal config is listed at the end below.

I modified my PATH, etc. as follows:

SET P_TOOLS=H:\proc\tools
SET HASK_PLAT=%P_TOOLS%\Haskell Platform\2010.1.0.0

REM This is so Cabal will get its config from the Haskell Platform,
REM rather than C:\Documents and Settings\pschmitz\Application Data\cabal

I had to add the mingw\bin dir to PATH to get cpp (needed during "cabal
install gtk"), and the extralibs dir to get alex (for "cabal install

I download the GTK+ "All-in-one bundle" 2.20.0 (current maintained branch),
and ran gtk-demo; it works.

The following commands then completed okay, with various warnings, but no
fatal errors:

cabal install cabal-install

cabal update

cabal install gtk2hs-buildtools

cabal install gtk

(There seems to be no "cabal install gtk2hs".)

*** At this point I am trying to find the Gtk2Hs demos, so I can compile and
run them. I cannot find them anywhere in my "H:\proc\tools\" tree. If anyone
can help me see what I am missing, I would appreciate it.

http://code.haskell.org/gtk2hs/INSTALL says:
"To get started, you can compile and run one of the programs that reside in
the demo/ directory in the respective packages. For example:
~/gtk2hs/gtk/demo/hello:$ make".
But I don't see a "gtk2hs/" dir anywhere.

I tried looking for the sources directly (google "gtk2hs demos", etc.) but
didn't have any luck.

Thanks very much,

-- Peter


My Cabal config follows. The email may remove indentation, but I was careful
to maintain the original indentation when editing. It seems to work fine.

-- This is the configuration file for the 'cabal' command line tool.

-- The available configuration options are listed below.
-- Some of them have default values listed.

-- Lines (like this one) beginning with '--' are comments.
-- Be careful with spaces and indentation because they are
-- used to indicate layout for nested sections.

remote-repo: hackage.haskell.org:http://hackage.haskell.org/packages/archive
remote-repo-cache: H:\proc\tools\cabal\packages
-- local-repo:
-- verbose: 1
-- compiler: ghc
-- with-compiler:
-- with-hc-pkg:
-- scratchdir:
-- program-prefix:
-- program-suffix:
-- library-vanilla: True
-- library-profiling: False
-- shared: False
-- executable-profiling: False
-- optimization: True
-- library-for-ghci: True
-- split-objs: False
-- executable-stripping: True
-- user-install: True
-- package-db:
-- flags:
-- extra-include-dirs:
-- extra-lib-dirs:
-- constraint:
-- cabal-lib-version:
-- preference:
-- documentation: False
-- doc-index-file: $datadir\doc\index.html
-- root-cmd:
-- symlink-bindir:
build-summary: H:\proc\tools\cabal\logs\build.log
-- build-log:
remote-build-reporting: anonymous
-- username:
-- password:

install-dirs user
prefix: "H:\\proc\\tools\\cabal"
-- bindir: $prefix\bin
-- libdir: $prefix
-- libsubdir: $pkgid\$compiler
-- libexecdir: $prefix\$pkgid
datadir: "H:\\proc\\tools\\Haskell Platform\\2010.1.0.0"
-- datasubdir: $pkgid
-- docdir: $prefix\doc\$pkgid
-- htmldir: $docdir\html
-- haddockdir: $htmldir

install-dirs global
prefix: "H:\\proc\\tools\\Haskell Platform\\2010.1.0.0"
-- bindir: $prefix\bin
-- libdir: $prefix
-- libsubdir: $pkgid\$compiler
-- libexecdir: $prefix\$pkgid
datadir: "H:\\proc\\tools\\Haskell Platform\\2010.1.0.0"
-- datasubdir: $pkgid
-- docdir: $prefix\doc\$pkgid
-- htmldir: $docdir\html
-- haddockdir: $htmldir

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