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Magnus Therning magnus at therning.org
Wed Jul 28 03:10:27 EDT 2010

On 27/07/10 18:58, Andrew Coppin wrote:
> Magnus Therning wrote:
>> On 26/07/10 22:01, Andrew Coppin wrote:
>>> So I'm told. But it appears that some people believe that NNTP *is*
>>> Usenet, which is not the case. I use NNTP almost every single day, but
>>> I've never seen Usenet in my life...
>> So you've only ever been on private NNTP servers then, never browsed
>> through
>> comp.* or sci.*?
> I don't even know what they are. (Except that now, by inference, I can
> guess they're something to do with Usenet.)

Ah, fascinating, there must be an entire world of NNTP servers out there
I've never come across :-)  My previous employer had an internal NNTP server
running, which was a virtual gold mine of knowledge and insight.  It was a
largely unknown gold mine at that.

Anyway, I know there are several locations where I can host a mailing list
(google groups, yahoo etc), are there similar free services that offer free
NNTP services?

> For example, Microsoft has a private NNTP server for technical support.

Ah, that's very useful to know.


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