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Sjoerd Visscher sjoerd at w3future.com
Mon Jul 26 19:04:09 EDT 2010

Hi Sebastian,

I enjoyed this paper very much. Writing papers in the style of a play seems to work very well! (although I think you should spice it up more if your want to get it on Broadway)

It seems that only shift needs the reg field of the RegW datatype. So you can also replace the reg field with a shift field. This makes the regexp parser extensible, as there is no longer a dependence on the (closed) datatype Reg:

> data RegW w c = RegW { active :: !Bool,
>                        empty :: !w,
>                        final_ :: !w,
>                        shift :: w -> c -> RegW w c }

For example it is then easy to define the parser that matches nothing, which is the identity element of alt:

> noMatch :: RegExp c
> noMatch = RegExp noMatchW
> noMatchW :: Semiring w => RegW w c
> noMatchW = RegW False zero zero $ \_ _ -> noMatchW

But otherwise I do wonder if the parser needs to be extensible. For example some XML Schema implementations that are based on finite automata have special cases for the xs:all construct, which matches a list of elements, each occurring once in any order. But I tried a straightforward implementation and it works fine:

> eachOnce :: [RegExp c] -> RegExp c
> eachOnce [] = eps
> eachOnce ps = eachOnce' ps [] where
>   eachOnce' [] _ = noMatch
>   eachOnce' (p:ps) qs = (p `seq_` eachOnce (ps ++ qs)) `alt` eachOnce' ps (p:qs)

*Main> accept (eachOnce (map char ['a'..'z'])) $ reverse ['a'..'z']
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