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Kevin Jardine kevinjardine at gmail.com
Mon Jul 26 11:15:42 EDT 2010

Other topics I am interested in are served by both a web forum and a
mailing list, usually with different content and participants in both.
In my experience, routing one kind of content to another does not work
very well because of issues of spam control, moderation, topic
subdivisions, the ability to correct posts, and threading (usually web
forums have these things and mailing lists do not).

This works well in my view. Those people who prefer more structure and
features post in the forum, those who prefer more traditional mailing
lists post there, and anyone who wants to keep track of both streams
subscribes to the RSS feeds.

Personally I prefer web forums.


On Jul 26, 5:03 pm, Magnus Therning <mag... at therning.org> wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 15:47, Nick Bowler <nbow... at elliptictech.com> wrote:
> > On 10:37 Mon 26 Jul     , Job Vranish wrote:
> >> I agree. A web forum would be more friendly to newcomers, easier to browse,
> >> and better organized, than the mailing list.
> > I don't understand this sentiment at all.  How are web forums easier to
> > browse than list archives?  Especially given that there are usually multiple
> > archives for each ML, with a variety of ways to use them (e.g., I tend to
> > use gmane with my newsreader for this purpose).
> Irrespective of what is easier to use, what really counts is where the
> *targets* of your post hang out.  Personally I prefer a mailing list, and I
> would only ever use a forum if I had a better chance of getting good and
> informative answers there.
> Another option is to import the entire haskell-cafe archive into gmail :-)
> >> Some people will still prefer the mailing list of course, but I think there
> >> will be enough demand to justify a forum :)
> > Wine has a web forum that is directly connected to their mailing lists:
> > each post on the forum is sent to the corresponding list and vice versa.
> > The web forum interface doesn't support proper threading, but it
> > otherwise seems to work OK.  Perhaps something like that would be
> > useful?
> This would be a good compromise.
> /M
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