[Haskell-cafe] Page rank and GHC docs directory organization

Ryan Newton rrnewton at gmail.com
Thu Jul 22 10:33:46 EDT 2010

GHC docs seem to have the problem that newer versions only gradually
overtake older ones in page rank, resulting in the effect that if one
uses Google to find library documentation, they may accidentally look
at an old version.  For example, if I google "Data.Data Haskell" the
first link brings me to:


Oops, version 6.10.2!

I'm no web expert, but I think the problem is that the "latest"
directory isn't used consistently by others and/or the fact that
latest/ redirects to a concrete version number.  Thus if you go to:


It redirects immediately to 6.12.2:

So is the 6.12.2 target accruing pagerank rather than the latest one?
Even if someone links the /latest/ URL?  If that's the problem, would
it fix things just to make latest/ a full directory structure in its
own right (a clone rather than redirect)?


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