[Haskell-cafe] possible bug in default module lookup scheme / or invalid haskell?

Mike Dillon mike at embody.org
Sun Jul 18 16:10:01 EDT 2010

begin Brandon S Allbery KF8NH quotation:
> The fundamental problem is that ghci has no concept of "projects".  The
> correct place for this is in Cabal, which *does* have project support, but
> as yet it has no support for ghci.  It's conceivable that the ghci user
> commands capability could be used to find (and optionally) parse a *.cabal
> file to identify a package root, at the price of an initial slowdown if you
> didn't have one.

Not sure if anyone mentioned this possibility elsewhere in the thread,
but I was thinking that having a "cabal console" command would be a nice
way to handle this. Cabal would parse the *.cabal file and invoke ghci
with the appropriate incantation.


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