[Haskell-cafe] ANN: hledger 0.11

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Sat Jul 17 17:39:22 EDT 2010

hledger 0.11 is released! Thanks to all testers and to Michael Snoyman  
for much help keeping up with Yesod.


home: http://hledger.org

Release notes:

2010/07/17 hledger 0.11

   * split --help, adding --help-options and --help-all/-H, and make  
it the default command
   * use "journal" instead of "ledger file"; default suffix  
is .journal, default file is ~/.journal
   * auto-create missing journal files rather than giving an error
   * new format-detecting file reader (mixed journal transactions and  
timelog entries are no longer supported)
   * work around for first real-world rounding issue (test zero to 8  
decimal places instead of 10)
   * when reporting a balancing error, convert the error amount to cost
   * parsing: support double-quoted commodity symbols, containing  
anything but a newline or double quote
   * parsing: allow minus sign before commodity symbol as well as  
after (also fixes a convert bug)
   * parsing: fix wrong parse error locations within postings
   * parsing: don't let trailing whitespace in a timelog description  
mess up account names
   * add: allow blank descriptions
   * balance: --flat provides a simple non-hierarchical format
   * balance: --drop removes leading account name components from a -- 
flat report
   * print, register, balance: fix layout issues with mixed-commodity  
   * print: display non-simple commodity names with double-quotes
   * stats: layout tweaks, add payee/description count
   * stats: don't break on an empty file
   * stats: -p/--period support; a reporting interval generates  
multiple reports
   * test: drop verbose test runner and testpack dependency
   * web: a new web ui based on yesod, requires ghc 6.12; old ghc 6.10- 
compatible version remains as -fweb610
   * web: allow wiki-like journal editing
   * web: warn and keep running if reloading the journal gives an error
   * web: --port and --base-url options set the webserver's tcp port  
and base url
   * web: slightly better browser opening on microsoft windows, should  
find a standard firefox install now
   * web: in a web-enabled build on microsoft windows, run the web ui  
by default

   Stats: 55 days and 136 commits since last release. Now at 5552  
lines of code with 132 tests and 54% unit test coverage.

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