[Haskell-cafe] library for objective-j?

Günther Schmidt gue.schmidt at web.de
Tue Jul 13 16:37:41 EDT 2010

Jason dearest,

http://hoc.sourceforge.net/ did happen but isn't on hackage,
WASH did happen but isn't on hackage ...

and I presume quite a few other goodies didn't make it to hackage either.

So I was hoping I'd finally be admitted to the inner haskellers circle 
where the dark arts are practized and the secrets are revealed that mere 
newbies don't even know about. :)


Am 13.07.10 22:28, schrieb Jason Dagit:
> 2010/7/13 Günther Schmidt<gue.schmidt at web.de>
>> Hi all,
>> is there a haskell library for generating Objective-J?
> http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&as_sitesearch=hackage.haskell.org/package&as_q=object-j
> Hackage upload or it didn't happen!
> Jason

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