[Haskell-cafe] Multidimensional Matrices in Haskell

Ben Lippmeier benl at ouroborus.net
Mon Jul 12 01:27:14 EDT 2010

I've found using Data.Vector works fine for this, just write an indexing function to handle the multiple dimensions.

The gloss-examples package has a nice graphical demo of Conway's game of life that uses Vector. Gloss is specifically designed for beginners, so no monads required.

The code for the demo is at:

and the gloss homepage is at:


On 08/07/2010, at 12:08 AM, Mihai Maruseac wrote:

> Hi,
> A friend of mine wanted to do some Cellular Automata experiments in
> Haskell and was asking me what packages/libraries are there for
> multidimensional matrices. I'm interested in both immutable and
> mutable ones but I don't want them to be trapped inside a monad of any
> kind.
> Any hints?
> -- 
> MM
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