[Haskell-cafe] Actually loading a Cabal package in GHCi

dlb at patriot.net dlb at patriot.net
Sun Jul 11 13:05:39 EDT 2010

OK, I know this is a newbie kind of thing (I guess I am a newbie to GHCi).
 I've been over and over and over the wiki and I just can't find the
answer to this very, very elementary question.  How can I load a package
that I've downloaded using Cabal into GHCi?  When I do the :l, it just
doesn't see the thing.  On one level, this is clear: the downloaded Cabal
packages (yes, more than one) are under .cabal in $HOME and not in the
lib/ghc area.  OK, fine.  But there's no package data base to point to so
that the packages can be loaded.

This just *has* to be a simple thing, but I just can't find it, no matter
how flat my head gets beating against the wall.  I apologize for the
density of my skull, but can someone point me in the right direction here?


Dave Barton
University of Toronto

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