[Haskell-cafe] Talking to Java from Haskell?

Daniel Cook danielkcook at gmail.com
Thu Jul 8 21:35:45 EDT 2010


Someone has written a large Java library (QuickFIX/J) which speaks a
gnarled, ugly protocol (FIX).  There don't appear to be any FIX
protocol libraries in Hackage.  I need my Haskell program to talk to a
3rd-party system that only speaks FIX.

Should I:

a) Reimplement the protocol directly Haskell?  (This appears to be non-trivial)

b) Wrap the Java library with some code to use a lightweight message
queue (zeromq) to send messages to my Haskell program?  (This would
require essentially re-implementing an abstracted subset of the the
protocol into 0MQ messages)

c) Find a way for Haskell to interact directly with Java? (the various
JNI bridges seem very unmaintained...)

To me, (b) seems like the best approach, but I'd like to hear what the
cafe thinks..

- Dan

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