[Haskell-cafe] Re: Adding new entry to list

Johnny Morrice spoon at killersmurf.com
Thu Jul 8 06:29:10 EDT 2010

Hi there Jack,

I have modified your program.  However, where you were attempting to use
direct recursion to compute totalSales, I have used functions from the

I have also provided a recursive definition totalSalesRec.

Here is a lesson on recursion from the Haskell wikibook

Also, what you have is an associative array which pairs (Artist, Title)
with Sold.  A linked list [(Artist, Title, Sold)] is an inappropriate
data type for this purpose.  Consider using Map from Data.Map in the
form Map (Artist, Title) Sold.

I have included comments which I hope you will find useful in
understanding the code.

Also note my use of comments like:

-- | This is a function that does blah

These are annotations for the Haskell documention generator, Haddock

What I'd do to run haddock on this file (I use linux and I have saved as
artist.hs) is

mkdir doc && haddock artist.hs -o doc -h

Now you can look at documentation for your program in a web browser
while fickering with it in GHCi.

Be aware that my copy pasting this file onto here may well have mangled
its syntax!

Have fun,

module Main

-- | Title of a record
type Title = String
-- | An artist, who makes records
type Artist = String
-- | Number of copies of a record sold
type Sold = Int

type Sales = [(Title, Artist, Sold)]

-- | A small sales database
testDatabase :: Sales
testDatabase = [("Kids", "MGMT", 3), ("This Charming Man", "The Smiths",
5), ("Gimme Shelter", "The Rolling Stones", 7)]

-- Notice there are no explicit function arguments here.  Look up
'partial application'.
-- | Total sales of all records in the database.
totalSales :: Sales -> Sold 
totalSales =
   -- The sum of all the sales
   sum . map sale
   sale (_,_,s) = s

-- | Recursive version of totalSales
totalSalesRec :: Sales -> Sold
totalSalesRec ((_,_,s):ss) = s + totalSalesRec ss
totalSalesRec _            = 0

-- | Print out the contents of a sales database
printNames :: Sales -> IO ()
printNames testDatabase = mapM_ print testDatabase

-- Main application loop
mainLoop :: Sales -> IO ()
mainLoop testDatabase = do
                putStrLn "1 - Show all tracks in database"
                putStrLn "2 - Show the total sales"
                putStrLn "3 - Add a new entry"
                putStrLn "4 - Exit"
                putStrLn ""
                putStrLn "Please select an option:"
                input <- getLine
                case read input of
                        1 -> do
                                banner "Show All Tracks"
                                printNames testDatabase
                                putStrLn ""
                                mainLoop testDatabase
                        2 -> do 
                                banner "Total Sales"
                                print $ totalSales testDatabase
                                putStrLn ""
                                mainLoop testDatabase
                        3 -> do
                                banner "New entry"
                                putStrLn "Enter artist name"
                                a <- getLine
                                putStrLn ""
                                putStrLn "Enter title"
                                t <- getLine
                                putStrLn ""
                                putStrLn "Enter number of sales"
                                -- Look up functors to understand fmap
                                s <- fmap read getLine
                                putStrLn ""
                                -- 'cons' the new element to the start
of the linked list testDatabase
                                -- Look up data constructors.
                                mainLoop $ (a,t,s) : testDatabase
                        -- No 'do' is required for only one statement.
Look up monads and how 'do' is syntactic sugar. 
                        4 -> return ()
   -- Print banner
   banner s = do
                 putStrLn "------------------"
                 putStrLn s
                 putStrLn "------------------"

-- | Run
main :: IO ()
main = mainLoop testDatabase

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