[Haskell-cafe] use of modules to save typing

Michael Mossey mpm at alumni.caltech.edu
Thu Jul 8 05:15:44 EDT 2010

Michael Mossey wrote:
> incrCursor :: State PlayState ()
> incrCursor =
>   cur <- gets playState_cursor
>   len <- gets playState_len
>   let newCur = min (cur+1) (len-1)
>   modify (playState_update_cursor newCur)

Whoa, I just realized I'm not using 'modify' to full advantage. This can 
be written

incrCursor = modify incrCursor'
incrCursor' (PlayState cursor len verts doc) =
   PlayState (min (cursor+1)(len - 1)) len verts doc)

Hmm, I'm already feeling better about the State monad.

Additional question: what is proper terminology here?

"incrCursor is a monad"
"incrCursor is a monadic function"
"incrCursor is a monadic type"
"State is a monad"
"State is a type constructor of a monad"
"State is a monadic type"
"incrCursor is a monadic computation"


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