[Haskell-cafe] does () match with a??

Hector Guilarte hectorg87 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 20:55:26 EDT 2010

Hey everyone,

I'm making a Game Monad for an assignment (yes, homework) . Here's a little
explanation of what I need to do (I can't use anything from Control.Monad.*,
I need to do everything myself):

I need to define my newtype Game and make it's Monad instance

I need to make the function :
runGame :: Game a            -- A particular game
              -> Int                   -- Initial amount of lives
              -> Maybe (a , Int ) -- Result and remaining lives.

I need to make the instance for this class:
class Monad m = > GameMonad m where
  extraLife :: m ()
  getLives   :: m Int
  checkPoint :: m a -> m a
  die        :: m a

now what I've done (I was inspired by the State Monad)

I defined my Game type as follows:
> newtype Game r = Game { execGame :: Int -> Maybe (r,Int) }

My Monad instance like this:
> instance Monad Game where
>     return a = Game $ \r -> Just (a,r)
>     m >>= k  = Game $ \r -> let x = execGame m r
>         in case x of
>           Just (a, r') -> execGame (k a) r'
>           Nothing      -> Nothing

and my GameMonad instance:
> instance GameMonad Game where
>   extraLife    = Game $ \l -> Just ((),l+1)
>   getLives     = Game $ \l -> Just (l,l)
>   die          = do
>     n <- getLives
>     Game $ \_ -> Just ((),n-1) -- Here's the problem

so, what's bothering me? Look at the type signature of die in the GameMonad
class, it's supposed to return something of type (m a), but I don't know
what to return in that case, and whatever I try to return it doesn't work,
because when I try to compile it says that it couldn't match expected type
'a' against infered type 'whatever' ('whatever' being anything, from (), to
string, or a number). shouldn't 'a' match with anything I put there?

Note that I can't change the signatures because they were giving to me that
way and I already checked with teacher if they were right. (I fixed it
returning Maybe (Maybe a, Int) instead, but I can't change the signature of
the function runGame)

Thanks you,

Hector Guilarte
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