[Haskell-cafe] Re: checking types with type families

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Wed Jul 7 17:14:32 EDT 2010

|  >>   -- Does this typecheck?
|  >>   f :: C a b => T a -> Bool
|  >>   f T1 = True
|  >>   f T2 = op 3
|  >
|  >> The function f "should" typecheck because inside the T2 branch we know
|  >> that (a~Int), and hence by the fundep (b~Bool).
|  Perhaps I'm confused, but there seems to be no link between
|  the call 'op 3' and 'a' in this example. While the 'desugaring'
|  introduces just such a connection.

You're right, I made a mistake here.  Sorry!  I hope you could see what I was after though.  I've written a long email about fundeps and overlap that should clarify further.


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