[Haskell-cafe] Merge hsql and HDBC -- there can only be one!

Gregory Crosswhite gcross at phys.washington.edu
Wed Jul 7 13:29:58 EDT 2010

  I've been using Takusen for all of my database needs, which most of 
the time means interfacing to a PostgreSQL database, and it has worked 
out pretty well in practice.  In fact, I experimented with hsql and HDBC 
a while back and for some reason I can't remember they turned out to be 
less convenient than Takusen so I changed the code I was working on back 
over to Takusen.


On 7/7/10 2:17 AM, Nick Rudnick wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> these are good questions -- actually, you might have mentioned 
> Takusen, too.
> Clearly, HDBC is the largest of these projects, and there are lots of 
> things well done there.
> Takusen has an interesting approach, and I would like to see a 
> discussion here about the practical outcomes, as I have done no 
> testing yet.
> I myself quite a time ago had an opportunity to do a Haskell job with 
> a PostgreSQL backend for a client, where I tried out all three and got 
> hsql running easiest. A maintainer was vacant, so I stepped in happily 
> -- doing refactorings, fixing problems at request, giving advice to 
> people.
> I can say that I am quite a little PostgreSQL centric and that I have 
> a GIS project in sight, for which I want to try to adapt hsql.
> Cheers,
>    Nick
> Christopher Done wrote:
>> One thing that would be nice is a unification of the general database
>> libraries hsql and HDBC. What is the difference between them? Why are
>> there two, and why are there sets of drivers for both (duplication of
>> effort?)? I've used both in the past but I can't discern a real big
>> difference (I used the hsql-sqlite library and the HDBC-postgresql
>> library, whichever worked...). It seems the best thing to do is either
>> actively merge them together and encourage the community to move from
>> one to the other -- judging from what I've read HDBC is more up to
>> date and newer than hsql -- or have some documentation with damn good
>> reasons to choose one or the other, because currently this is a
>> needless source of confusion and possible duplication of effort for
>> Haskell's database libraries.
>> I wasn't going to post until I'd actually researched the difference
>> myself properly but I didn't get chance to have a look over the
>> weekend, but I thought I'd pose the question. Do people actually care
>> about this?
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